Not an ordinary place, “But a natural space to discover, and capture a memory.


It begins with an ever curving drive along the Pacific Marine Highway with plenty of places to stop along the way.  The drive offers access to local landmarks, vistas of majestic trees, driftwood laden sandy and rock beaches, under explored trails and waterways, lush forests and abounding fish and wildlife. Port Renfrew is a place to unplug, recharge and balance your being. It’s a known fact that spending time in nature is necessary for everyone! Young and old alike all have a need for nature.  We also need to go screen free and disconnect.  With no cell service in Port Renfrew, you have no choice but to turn off, tune in and use your phone as a camera to capture a moment or many moments! Come explore, hug a tree, listen to the ocean, watch for wildlife, hike, bike or paddle.  Engage all of your senses. This small coastal community offers deluxe and basic accommodations, from cabins to camping, hotel rooms and vacation homes.   A handful of quaint and quality restaurants are also here to enjoy or pack a picnic, and really experience the simple pleasure of eating outdoors.  We welcome you to capture a moment. Come, see, stay and play in Port Renfrew.